CHARIS nodig de wereldwijde KCV uit naar Rome te komen

Donderdag 02 november 2023

In de Paulus VI hal in Rome - uitstekende katholieke charismatische toerusting in Rome 

2 - 4 November 2023


2-4 november 2023 in de Paulus VI hal van het Vaticaan en in drie basilieken in Rome:

 Een open internationale toerustingsconferentie van CHARIS om de communio en eenheid te verdiepen, samen te bidden en te leren.

Onder de sprekers zijn paus Franciscus, kardinaal Cantalamessa, Patty Mansfield, Nicky Gumbel, James Mallon, Michelle Moran, Matt Lozano en Etienne Vetö. Met vertaling in het Italiaans, Engels, Frans, Spaans en Portugees.

Info: www.charis.international/en/called-transformed-and-sent/

Het programma:


NOVEMBER 2-4, 2023, ROME
From November 2nd to 4th, an important world gathering of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal titled "Called, Transformed, and Sent" will take place in Rome, specifically in the Paul VI Audience Hall. It is organized by CHARIS, an entity established by Pope Francis to foster unity among the Catholic Charismatic Renewal worldwide. The Pope has given CHARIS a threefold mandate: to offer Baptism in the Spirit to all in the Church, to work for Christian unity, and to respond to the cry of the poor.
This event in Rome is not to be missed, open to all who desire to attend. People from around the world will come together with the aim of deepening communion and unity, praying and praising together, and invoking the power of the Holy Spirit upon the world. Various teachings by prominent speakers are scheduled to provide participants with the necessary resources to be "constantly 
prepared to give an account of the hope that is in you." The event will be crowned by the presence of Pope Francis on Saturday, November 4th.
For information and registrations, please visit: Called, Transformed and Sent


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