Vorming en Onderricht

Compleet pakket van lessen over de belangrijkste onderwerpen, zoals in 2022 door CHARIS is aangeboden, met een aanbeveling erbij door paus Franciscus: klik hier. < The Integral Formation Program (IFP) course in het Engels, Spaans, Frans, Italiaans en Portugees.

Videolessen en teksten over deze onderwerpen.

Paus Franciscus: "It will do much good in deepening our understanding of the event that gave birth to the current of grace that is the Charismatic Renewal, 55 years ago [1967] this February. A stream of grace for the whole Church and not a movement. It arose from the Holy Spirit (...) Although this Formation Program has been intended for the servants of the Charismatic Renewal, I believe it will do much good to all those who participate. That is why I encourage all of you to become actively involved in this formation."



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