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English information on Catholic charismatic Renewal in the Netherlands.

smalThere are some English speaking Catholic charismatic prayergroups in the Netherlands, organised by Catholics from different parts of the world with participants from different countries. For example: Jesus Youth movement organizes prayer groups for young people in Delft, Utrecht and Eindhoven with participants from multiple nationalities. More on Jesus Youth in the Netherlands

sliertenThe Dutch National  Service Centre of the  Catholic Charismatic Renewal, in Helmond, holds a list of  Catholic charismatic groups all over the Netherlands. Ask and share information via this centre through contact or via Facebook. Dutch homepage.

Dutch speaking Dutchmen

In Dutch groups many participants can speak English. Speakers from abroad many times speak English, for exemple at the Dutch holydayconference Celebrate. Hear.

holiday conference Celebrate Netherlands 2015

The bishops of the Netherlands published a special letter on the Catholic charismatic renewal in 1988 with an official translation into English (Dutch original text).

Contact the national service centre of the Catholic charismatic renewal in the Netherlands to get in contact with this renewal in the Netherlands.

Look at the worldwide website for information on Catholic charismatic renewal all over the world.

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