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Profetie op 3 juni 2017 in bijeenkomst met paus Franciscus

Meeting with Pope Francis, June 3rd  2017, this prophecy was given:

Fr Raniero Cantalamessa led us in a beautiful

prayer for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit

on the whole world. He invited us to all say

together; 'Come down on us Spirit of love,

Spirit of reconciliation, Spirit of humility, Spirit

of obedience...' After this, he asked the Holy

Father to pray for all of us. The Pope gently

stretched out his hands and prayed. Then there

was a prophetic word given by Patti Mansfield;

'Lift up your eyes and see, that the fields are

white for harvest. And if you would obey me,

and if you would obey the prompting of my

Spirit, you will yet see, infinitely more than you

can ask or imagine. You will yet see the power

of my Spirit descend upon the human race. I

tell you, the fields are white for harvest, but I

need your obedience, I need your docility, I need

your faith, and you will yet see marvels that will

astound you, infinitely more than you can ask or

imagine, for the glory of my name'.

It is vital that we stay attentive to the Spirit

throughout this Jubilee year. Let us ask the

Holy Spirit to take us deeper into the wells of

prayer where we can grow in intimacy with the

Lord and hear His voice with clarity. This is the

season to do all we can to build unity in the

Spirit. Maybe we need to shake off the dust of

the past, in order to move forward in mission

because this is the time of the harvest.


Volume Xliii, Number 4 july - september 2017



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