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Leiding geven met visie

Diaken Christof Hemberger

In ICCRS-Newsletter january - february 2019

In Germany, we have a saying: “You can
always fall off the horse on either side!” I like
to use this statement when speaking about
our identity as CCR. There are those who
have been touched by God’s Spirit however
slowly but surely have adapted to life as
before. In their prayer groups praying in tongues has lost
its importance, words and images are shared less and the
prophetic is neglected more and more. In most cases, it
happens unintentionally as not enough focus is given to
the group’s charismatic identity. Or it is due, for example,
to a conscious decision to adapt to a Parish Priest who
does not like the spirituality of the CCR or for attendees
who might be uncomfortable by the charismatic elements
of a prayer meeting.

There are also those who overdo it in their charismatic identity. At times you hear statements like: “A prayer meeting is only good if at least...”, “You need to pray in this and this way, otherwise...” Comments such as these often reminds me of the impetuous behaviour of a teenager who tends to exaggerate in his search for his own identity and is a bit too radical in his life style. Do not get me wrong! I am definitely in favour of fully living and communicating our CCR identity. We have a mission and a task in this world, and there is a reason why God needs the CCR in our time. But it takes moderation and a wide heart. Exaggeration, excluding others and superiority tend to lead us in the wrong direction.

For this reason, I consider it an important leadership task
to be guardians of the vision. We continuously need to
reappraise whether we are still on the right path, living our
calling naturally, with passion, a wide heart and humility.
Wherever we freely follow the Spirit of God and give Him
permission to guide and correct us, by His grace we will not
fall off the horse.



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