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A number of Polish people in the Netherlands are connected with the Catholic charismatic renewal in the Netherlands or in Poland. 

- De internationale Gemeenschap Galilea heeft in Helmond een Poolse groep en in Bunnik een Nederlands-Poolse contactpersoon met in  Bunnik een groep in oprichting.Zie www.galileacommunity.com

- Members of the Catholic charismatic Polish community JANKI from Krakow visited the Netherlands for evangelisation and have connections with the Polish parish in Meterik, Limburg (Polish parishwebsite is www.faustyna.nl).

Eindhoven 2015 JANKIEvangelising members of the JANKI-community in Eindhoven, October 31, 2015. See more pictures on their Facebook-page.

Website of the Catholic charismatic renewal in Poland.



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